First Post!

This will likely be one of the only non-Leafs themed posts and may not stay up on this site once the season starts. For those new to the site, Leafs Lounge began as a radio show on the online Ryerson student radio network, Spiritlive. For the past two years, Ryerson University RTA Media Production students, Aaron Greenfield, Aaron Stern and Geoffrey Martlin have been providing in-depth discussion and post-game analysis about the Toronto Maple Leafs. Because the show is only 50 minutes long (give-or-take), only airs once a week and doesn’t start airing until one month into the semester, we decided to create this blog to provide bonus content.
Some recurring themes on show are our heated Corsi debates, the Leafs’ seemingly endless struggles and losing interest in the team, tanking, and the technical difficulties we seem to always encounter at the start of each show (if you don’t notice them when you listen to our archived podcasts, it’s probably because the first ten minutes or so of that episode were edited out).

Feel free to go to the Podcasts page to listen to some of our old shows and laugh at how outdated they have become. Also give us a like on Facebook and Twitter to be the first to know when we release new content and subscribe to us on YouTube to listen to our new shows the moment they are uploaded.

Go Leafs Go!


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