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Leafs Lounge Podcast – February 29, 2016 – Dull Deadline Day

This was one of the least exciting Trade Deadline Day we’ve seen in years. On this episode of the podcast, we breakdown the final hour of the 2016 NHL Trade Deadline live (2-3pm). Unfortunately it was not a very active deadline and the Leafs made no trades. We try to keep things interesting as best as we can though!

Trade Deadline Action Heating Up For Maple Leafs

With three deals in the books, there are still plenty of Leafs players on the trading block. Here’s a preview of where some might be heading and what the Leafs can expect in return.

By: Aaron Greenfield


Parenteau has had somewhat rejuvenated his career this season with the Leafs but it’s almost a guarantee that he will wear a different jersey in March (though he has expressed interest in signing with the Leafs in the offseason). The former 20-goal scorer leads the Leafs in powerplay points with six and his 30 points on the season is good for third best on the team. A lot of his offense seems to come from linemates creating the initial play and P.A. being in the right place to put the puck in the net. A contending team with a solid offense but struggling powerplay looking to improve is the team that will pursue him. Froese is a wildcard who Babcock likes and hasn’t been mentioned as being on the trading block but because I don’t think the Leafs see him in the long-term future, they may package him along for a better return. Read Article

Leafs Lounge Podcast – February 22, 2016 – Deadline and Development

On the podcast leading up to the Trade Deadline, we break down the trades that have happened and preview the ones that will come in the next week. We also analyze the development strategies of the Leafs prospects in terms of when young players should get promoted to the NHL.

Leafs Lounge Boardroom – Pain – Episode 1

This new short video podcast series was created to go along with the podcast and blog which will focus on one or two specific issues to discuss in depth each episode. Mike Stephens, co-host of the Crackin’ Wise Podcast joins us to discuss the pain of the upcoming Trade Deadline and the future of Nazem Kadri.

Give the video a thumbs up if you like this new format and let us know who you’d like us to interview in the future!

Toronto Maple Leafs: Recapping the Best Dion Phaneuf Moments

With the former captain and his untradeable contract gone to the Ottawa Senators we look back at bright moments from Dion Phaneuf’s time in Toronto

By: David Morassutti
While Dion Phaneuf’s time in Toronto did not work out in the way that he or the Toronto Maple Leafs would have like there is no doubt that he did have an impact on the team. Whether it was his shot from the point (when he actually hit the net) or the hits and fights he brought a presence that the Leafs desperately needed.  Miscasting him as a number one defenceman and prematurely making captain too soon set expectations that were not going to be easy to accomplish in the pressure cooker that is Toronto. Here are some highlights from Phaneuf’s time in Toronto. Read Article

Leafs Lounge Podcast – February 8, 2016 – Value

On this jam-packed episode, we give our thoughts on the new Leafs logo, discuss whether we think the Leafs are getting snubbed for the Winter Classic and nudge the idea of bringing up some top prospects before the end of the season. We revisit the Kessel trade and evaluate some of the problems of the Vancouver Canucks compared to the Leafs.

Leafs Lounge Podcast – February 1, 2016 – All-Stars

The Leafs Lounge podcast returns for 2016! On this episode, we give our thoughts on the 2016 NHL All-Star Game, preview the Leafs new logo for 2017 and our thoughts for the second half of the Leafs season. Give it a listen and tell us on Twitter what you think of this episode!